Flight Training

Cape Town Flight Training Centre offers various training programmes as well as other services. Make your selection below.

Commercial Pilots Licence

Make a career out of your dream by becoming a commercial pilot and enjoy the perks of the office with the best views in the world.

The Commercial Pilot Licence combined with the Instrument Rating fully qualifies you as a Professional Pilot ready to fly passengers and/or cargo, or undertake specialised technical flying (e.g. surveying or aerial photography) in return for monetary reward.

The licence permits you to convert onto and command a variety of aircraft. Consider furthering your training to include a Multi-Engine Rating and/or an Instructor Rating, both of which are offered by CTFTC.

Six Good Reasons

Why You Should Complete Your CPL At CTFTC


Commercial Pilot Licence training syllabus

  • Minimum of 200 flying hours.
  • 200 Hours of CPL groundschool.
  • Night Rating – 1 Night Rating Theory Exam.
  • Instrument Rating (all weather flying) – 1 Instrument Rating Theory Exam.
  • 8 Examination Subjects
    • Aircraft Technical and General
    • Flight Planning and Performance
    • Air Law
    • Navigation
    • Instruments
    • Radio Aids and Communication
    • Meteorology
    • Human Performance and Limitations
  • General Radio Telephony Communication Licence.
  • Practical Flight Test and Theory Evaluation.