Hire and Fly

Subject to eligibility, the Diamond DA20 Eclipse and the Piper PA28 Warrior are available for hire and fly at CTFTC. Hire & Fly pilots must comply with CTFTC competency and recency requirements.


Pilots who have completed a course of training for the PPL at CTFTC, and who are compliant with our recency requirements, are automatically eligible to hire and fly our aircraft.

Pilots who have not flown for a while, or who have not completed their basic training at CTFTC, must first complete a Competency Check with a CTFTC Grade II Instructor. Pilots new to CTFTC must also provide their own Pilot Excess Insurance.

Competency Check

The Competency Check will be conducted by a CTFTC Grade II instructor and will involve a Ground Evaluation together with a Skills Test in one or more parts.

During the Ground Evaluation, the candidate must demonstrate proficiency in basic flight planning, navigation planning and local rules.

During the Skills Test, the candidate must demonstrate a high standard of handling proficiency in the following areas – steep turns, slow flight, full stall recovery, full spin recovery, normal take-off and landing, crosswind take-off and landing, forced & precautionary landings. Full spin recovery is conducted on the Diamond DA20.

CTFTC competency skills tests may also double as differences training for the aircraft types we operate. Differences training for the 4-seat PA28 must include slow-flight and stall exercises at MAUW.

DJA Aviation

For Pilots new to CTFTC, you will require your own excess insurance cover to the value of R20 000. We recommend you contact brokers DJA Aviation: they provide a fast and efficient service, allowing you to set up your cover same day. Details as follows,

Telephone: +27 11 463 5550 / Toll Free: 0800 Flying / Fax: +27 11 463 5551
Email: mail@dja-aviation.co.za