CTFTC provides selected off-campus accommodation in the nearby Durbanville area. We will be happy to match the available accommodation to your specific requirements. Please have the following information ready when you contact us for assistance:

• Your proposed training period (see training course requirements).
• Your accommodation budget.
• Your preference for single or shared accommodation.


Most local banks provide student loans for citizens of the Republic of South Africa. If you are from overseas, you should apply for financial assistance in your home country.

Transport Education and Training Authority (TETA)
South Africans may also apply for grants and bursaries via TETA.


​CTFTC provides optional daily scheduled transportation between the Winelands Campus and the Durbanville area. Contact us for more details.


How old do I need to be to start to train as a pilot?

The minimum age requirements for obtaining a Pilot’s Licence are determined by the CAA and are currently 17 years for a Private Pilot Licence (PPL) and 18 years for a Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL). However, you may obtain a Student Pilot’s Licence at the age of 16.

How long will it take to obtain my PPL and CPL?

We tailor an individual programme for you based upon your specific requirements and constraints. Your programme can be anything from full time (flying 5 days per week on average) to part time at only one day per week (our recommended minimum). A full time student can obtain the PPL in 3 months; the CPL in 18 months. The ultimate duration of your training will be based largely upon your self application. We recommend you book a free consultation with one of our Training Advisors to get started on customising your individual programme.

What qualifications do I need?

There is no prescribed minimum educational standard, however, a firm grasp of mathematics and physics to grade 12 standard (matric) is highly beneficial. If you have not achieved this standard or feel the need to improve your capability in this area, we will provide appropriate instruction to enable you to complete the required courses and examinations.

My English is not so good: can I still enrol for pilot training?

All international aviation communication, and hence your flying training, will be conducted in English. As part of the course, and as required by International Aviation Law, all candidates are presented for an SACAA approved English language proficiency test. If English is not your native tongue, we will assist you in obtaining an initial assessment followed by any necessary English language training prior to the start of your flying training.

Are there any other requirements prior to enrolment in the school?

There are no specific requirements, however we strongly advise you to complete an Aviation Medical assessment before starting flying training. The assessment must be conducted by a SACAA approved medical practitioner (DAME). A list of DAMEs may be obtained from our admissions staff.

How do I enroll for a course?

It’s as simple as filling in a membership form and paying a deposit to begin your training.

I wish to obtain my CPL. Can I obtain financing for the training?
If you are a South African citizen, you can apply to most South African banks for a student loan. We can assist by providing you with contact details for those financial institutions who are most familiar with this type of loan. If you are from overseas, you would need to apply for financial assistance in your home country.
Do I need life insurance cover?
This is a personal decision for the individual and their family. Due to expert supervision in a controlled environment, flying training is one of the safest forms of aviation.
Do I need any other insurance?
For pilots who have trained elsewhere or who have not flown for some time, pilot excess insurance cover is required. Emergency Medical cover is also required for foreign students. Our admissions staff will happily assist you in setting up any required cover.
When should I have my medical done?
You should plan to have this done prior to the start of your training. Should you fail the medical, solo flying and hence the issue of a Licence will not be possible. It is a good idea to have the medical done at the earliest possible opportunity as, in the event that you fail the initial medical, there may be an opportunity for appeal.
I’m not South African. What visa requirements are there for me to enroll with CTFTC?
Foreign students who plan to train towards a professional licence (e.g. CPL) and/or wish to spend more than 3 consecutive months in training must apply for a Study Permit through the South African Embassy in their home country or country of residence. We will issue you with an acceptance letter (for use in your application at the Embassy) once we have confirmed your enrolment.
After completion of training, can you help me to find work?
The CPL/IR qualification from CTFTC is highly respected by the many airlines and aviation charter companies who have hired our graduates. By immersing yourself in the aviation environment during your training at CTFTC you will gain the required knowledge as we help you develop contacts. We will assist you to prepare your CV, help you make sure it lands on the correct desks and prepare you for interview.
What is the cost of training to PPL Level and to CPL level?
Eventual costs will be dependent on how you apply yourself, your ability to develop your flying skills quickly, your success in passing the required examinations at the first attempt and whether you are available for full-time or part-time study. We will be happy to provide a custom estimate based upon your individual requirements.
If I pay my course fees in full, can I get a discount?
Unfortunately the answer is negative. Over the last 18 years, CTFTC has developed the best value training programmes on the market in order to provide every candidate with competitive rates, irrespective of funding.
How soon should I pay my deposit?
We will require a deposit to be paid prior to completion of the enrolment process, at least two weeks prior to starting training. For overseas students, the enrolment will need to be completed prior to Study Visa application, so the time required for this process in your individual home country will need to be taken into account.
Can CTFTC provide accommodation during my course

Although CTFTC does not have accommodation on Campus, we have a list of excellent local guest houses and rental agents available and we will assist you in finding accommodation which suits your needs for the duration of your training.