Book an Introductory Flight

Before you embark upon a course of training with CTFTC, we recommend you fly with us first. We have two options available:

Introductory (Intro) Flight

The Intro Flight consists of a dedicated 1-hour session with a CTFTC Instructor and is oriented towards those who have never flown in a light aircraft. After familiarising you with the aircraft and its controls on the ground, the Instructor will take you for a 30-minute local flight. During the flight, you will be given the opportunity to take the controls and handle the aircraft. Should you enrol within 15 days, the cost of the Intro Flight will be credited to your flying account.

Trial Lesson

The Trial Lesson consists of an instructional flight with a CTFTC Instructor with a content and duration of your choice. The Trial Lesson is oriented towards those who perhaps have some prior experience of flight in light aircraft, and who wish to assess the CTFTC offering in more detail before committing to enrolling for a course of training. During the flight you will fly in the role of a student under instruction. The lesson will be conducted in accordance with our standard terms and conditions, and you may log the dual flight time against future requirements.